Group Mentor

Meet with students in classroom setting during school hours providing guidance by sharing your personal path and the lessons learned along the way.


Engage with mentees with similar personality traits through My Path Ahead website sharing relevant information, answering questions and commenting on project related work.

Team Mentor

Meet weekly outside of school hours with a select group of students during 10 week service learning internship project nurturing strengths, building self esteem and coaching team dynamics.

SME Mentor

Join service learning internship team during one of their weekly after school sessions to advise on a specific skill set to enhance results of project work.

Apprenticeship Mentor

Offering an opportunity for high school student to gain real world experience in an industry that interests them while being mentored job readiness skills.

To get involved, email a brief bio to or go to the Contact Us page of the website to inquire.


I recently had the opportunity to speak with 9th graders at Sun Valley High School as part of the My Path Ahead program. *My Path Ahead* does a great job of exposing these students to the opportunities open to them, both in college and in the workforce. The program gives the freshmen a chance to be inquisitive, explore and learn about college without the pressure that will accompany the process in their junior and senior years. It also gives them an opportunity to learn about potential jobs from people in the workforce. I was thrilled to be a part of this innovative program.

I spoke with the students both as a former corporate executive as well as a college admissions advisor. I shared the trajectory I took through college and graduate school and through the companies and positions I held through my career. It was exciting to be able to broaden their knowledge and understanding of their college options and share with them how they can begin to build their portfolio for college admission.

It was a truly a delight to talk to the students and to hear their questions. I hope that I will have a chance to talk to this group of student in two to three years when they are closer to planning their college journey.

When Kathie asked me to be a part of her passion for inspiring children, I was honored to go back to high school and talk about what I do as the owner of Amelia Paris Salon. I was happy to tell my story of my struggle with learning and how I became a stylist. I also shared my continuing love of learning, and my current yoga therapy training which was fun to share with them. The students were engaged and so appreciative of my time. It was a day full of fun, and Kathie took away any anxiety that I had about getting in front of a group and talking. Definitely a moment that I will remember. Feel good by giving back.