Our Vision

To model a collaborative student-first approach to high school post-graduation planning that cultivates self-esteem, respect and optimism.


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Sun Valley

The Career classes really enjoy and benefit from My Path’s mentoring program. The speakers are a ‘value added’ component to the class. The kids hear first-hand accounts of how people from various walks-of-life navigate through both the planned and unplanned career events. The mentoring program enables the students to make a personal connection with professionals that otherwise would not exist. Sun Valley High School looks forward to growing this promising program.

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Dear Mr. Ontjes

I want to thank you for your amazing talk yesterday. I really enjoyed your visit and you had my attention the whole time. It was very informative and you shared many thoughts and stories about life that was really cool to hear. You are very motivational and made me think a little different about my life. Just the way you talked and how you got your career just fascinated me and I would love for you to come back again this year. Thank you so much for coming to see us!

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"Must Have"

The My Path Ahead Program provides an excellent opportunity for bringing real-life experience and broad-based career ideas to high school students as they consider pursuing a secondary education degree, a trade or moving directly into the workforce. The power of the Program to bring individuals with diverse professional backgrounds and the sharing of their personal paths to success directly into the classroom exposes ninth-grade students to new tools that can aid them in considering factors such as work-life balance, salary, career flexibility and long-term personal interests that may help them select career paths that may ultimately enable them to excel personally and as next generation community leaders. The highly interactive dialogue that I experienced with students is a testament to the power of the Program as students showed a strong desire to learn of my career interests as a teen and the ultimate path and experiences I encountered that resulted in my current profession and personal satisfaction as they shared ideas and asked questions about their future career options. Based on my experience, the Program is a “must have” for schools looking to implement additional tools to further aid students in considering career choices that may best reflect their inherent personalities and long-term interests.

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High Impact Experience

I was delighted to be selected by Kathie Iannuzzi to speak on behalf of My Path Ahead Mentoring Program. I spoke with four ninth grade classes on two separate days, about 45 minutes each class. To have the opportunity to share my experience, both positive and negative, and contribute to influencing the learning and development of young minds, was very meaningful to me, as a presenter. Being selected forced me to reflex on the paths, choices and missed opportunities that took place in my life. We don’t all get the chance to realize the value and/or importance of our choices and have a chance to share them to help others. This program gives many of us that chance.

Without a doubt, the students will take some value from this program. With any hope the students will pass it along and forward. Having several presenters with many different life experiences, learning curves and paths chosen; share their personal lives, will make them believe, we all have a chance to succeed. Had My Path Ahead Mentoring Program not been developed, these young minds would be missing a very relevant experience that I wish was shared with me at fifteen.

Much Thanks!

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Co-Creating Vision

Being a mentor for the My Path Ahead program was a fantastic experience where I surprised myself. It is important that we celebrate the work we do and how we have gotten to where we are now. By way of the My Path Ahead program, I was able to share my journey and recognize that it is a story that could resonate with these young adults (even if only a few, well worth the time). Kathie was absolutely fantastic – it was wonderful to meet her and to watch her with the students. I am grateful for the opportunity and I highly encourage others to participate as well. Most young adults do not have exposure to the plethora of jobs and career paths one might go down. Our stories can give them vision they may otherwise would not have.

Success is not the key to happiness.
Happiness is the key to success.
If you love what you do, you will be successful.
– Albert Schweitzer

Dear Friends,

Imagine a happier world where we value our gifts and respect those of others. By nurturing talent, building confidence, and promoting teamwork, we can inspire hope. The future is full of possibilities, our youth have tremendous potential, and we have the power to make a difference.

Please join us in supporting and guiding those just starting out find their path ahead.

Thank you for your support,

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Kathie Iannuzzi Executive Director